Quickfix: Owncloud backup to a network share locks down the db file

Howdy, when you want to run owncloudcmd to run a regular backup of your owncloud data and save it to a cifs/nfs share and you get an error message: sqlite3_compile error: database is locked – on query PRAGMA quick_check; make sure to mount it using the “nolock” option. // /mnt/backup cifs uid=1000,gid=1000,nolock 0 0 Cheers […]

Moving your contacts from Google to Owncloud and synchronizing them between an Android Phone and Thunderbird

Hi all, This article assumes that you have a owncloud server up and running and that you already have a couple of accounts saved on the google servers. There is one thing you have to have in mind: After this, the data is not under googles control anymore. That means: You or the hosting company […]

Resetting Owncloud admin-password

Howdy, Last night I had the problem that I somehow lost the password for the admin account of my owncloud instance. That admin user did not have a valid e-mail address entered, so when I hit the “lost password” link, the mail is sent nowhere. As also customers use that cloud, re-installing was not an […]

Time-Lapse of a church excavation

..and now for something completely different… The project I am not totally stuck in BI. Whenever possible, I try to get my hands on interesting projects that leave the virtual world. I was asked a while ago if it was possible to create a screen inside a church shop that can display a time-lapse movie […]

#pcmd in Frankfurt

Hi all, a quick review on the Pentaho community meeting germany  (lets face it, it should be called #pcmg). IT-Novum invited for a half-a-day workshop on Pentaho. 50 People registered and the event was sold out. My idea was to meet people from the community and the developers and also get a rough overview of what […]


Howdy all, just a really quick one. When troubleshooting rather complicated JS-Code, JSLint came in really handy. I had a couple of nested brackets which gave me a hard time troubleshooting. JSLint does that for you. Cheers and have a good weekend Andre

Oracle counting NULL values

Howdy, today I had the challenge to count null values in a orale table. At first I tried something like SELECT sum(field1 is null) null_counter FROM table but this did not bring be very far. also: SELECT sum( case field1 when null then 1 else 0 end ) null_counter FROM table did not get me […]

Date trouble on Oracle Reporting

Hi Folks, I came across the problem that when using something like: to_char(my_datefield,’D’) as dow to find out the date, this might behave differently on the pentaho production-server, the report designer and (if applicable) an underlying PDI transformation. When connecting to the Oracle-Server, you can click on “advanced” and set the locale to what you […]

Handy date calculations in MySQL

Howdy, I have been struggeling with date/time calculations for the last couple of years and meanwhile I have quite a collection I would like to share. Note that I have avoided something like date_format(current_date,’%y-%m-01′) because I dont find that very elegant Simple date calculations Today SELECT current_date Tomorrow SELECT current_date + interval 1 day Yesterday […]

Tackling the File Chaos

Usually different users have different requirements when it comes to folder structures within the Pentaho PUC. Some might want the folders per application, some per task, etc etc… To make things perfect, users with different requirements usually share the same reports. Instead of keeping several copies of the same report, I started using linux symlinks […]