Andre Stricker Portrait

Hello, my name is Andre Stricker. I am an independent Business Intelligence consultant, MySQL certified developer, software developer, father and carbohydrates addict. I’ve been working in business intelligence since 2008 and I am independent since 2010. I have implemented reporting- and data warehouse solutions for big players in the aviation industry. If you need my freelancing capabilities, just give me a call or drop me a mail.


  • Software development
  • Business intelligence
  • IT project management


  • Pentaho (ETL, Reporting, Dashboards, OLAP Cubes, …)
  • MySQL – Schema design, administration, development
  • PHP – Software-development
  • Web API development (REST/JSON)
  • All things web (HTML, Javascript/JQuery, CSS, …)
  • Linux (Bash) scripting
  • Arduino

I also like to go climbing and I’m exploring robotics.

Check out my blog – it’s about business intelligence, robotics, databases and pretty much anything.