Church excavation for the Landesgartenschau 2012


Create a platform that creates timelapse videos of an excavation site in Giessen, Germany. This should be visible on the web and also on a monitor next to the building site

Technologies used:

  • MySQL
  • PHP
  • CCTV Cam/Radio Relay
  • AJAX/All things Web
  • Bash Scripting


This was a really fun project. The idea was to set up a wireless camera on top of the steeple so it sends images to a webserver. That server renders the images to a film and then displays it on a website that can also be looked at next to the excavation site. There was no network/wireless on the steeple, hence we had to get something usable up there. GSM was not an option as we were generating too many images. As a result we set up a directional wireless-lan antenna to send images to a shop next to the steeple which then sent it on to the webserver.

We generated a new film every day. The users next to the excavation site could easily control the monitor by scanning a QR code on screen.

Website kirchplatz

That opened a website with a remote control on their phone. They could switch between the full film, the last month and in addition general information about the excavation.

Lessons learned:

Do you have everything you need up there before you walk up these >100 steps?

What the customer says